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Becoming a Defensive Genius in Cybersecurity

The demand for a professional Defender is now become the as important as a Pentester needs. An organization now realize that a Defense System is just the same urgency as the Offensive as well. Don’t let anyone fool you; Defensive Cybersecurity is just as in demand as its Offensive counterpart. Red hackers and penetration testers might be all the rage with a small slice of cyber defense enthusiasts, but becoming a threat analyst and defensive whizz is just as fulfilling. This course is for those who seek to be a bit different.

The one advantage of being a Defensive Cybersecurity expert is the level of knowledge you will receive. The Blue Hacker sphere has far more sub-fields contained in it, giving you a far broader scope of expertise than your Red counterparts. Are you interested in becoming a defensive genius? Join our Webinar!

26 October 2021 - 26 October 2021 Free

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