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Hacktrace program

Self Paced Class

Also called “Self-Paced” Training, this program provides a Theory, Hands-On and Lab-Based Video training, that can be accessed anytime and anywhere you want . This training is specifically designed by the expert and experience instructor to achieve the goal and the objectives for each of the topic. This training also have a lot of activities, tasks, and challenges for the students.

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Live Virtual Classroom

This program provides the Online Learning Environment that will give you the interesting and live Interaction between the Instructor and the students. Live Virtual Classroom will be delivered using the most popular Online Classroom Platform.

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Special Trainer Class

Our Special Trainer Class is the most private and interactive class, including 1 to 1 mentoring sessions. This program offers mentoring with experienced instructors who has International Certificates such as Offensive Security Certification, SANS Certification and others.

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Special Custom Class

This is a Customized Class where the training material, time and place of training are determined according to what is requested and needed by the requesting participant or company. We will do the development of training materials, course assessment and supervision.

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