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The Art of Window Exploitation

This course is designed for security personnel whose job is to conduct penetration tests and look for security holes.

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Created by Hacktrace Indonesia
What will I learn?
  • Ability to examine and find vulnerabilities in systems and applications
  • Make use of vulnerabilities and exploit vulnerabilities
  • Understanding the type of exploitation protection on Windows operating system
  • Understanding methods to bypass various exploit protections on Windows operating system
  • Utilizing various kinds of vulnerability for exploitation (chaining exploitation)
  • Ability to evade some detections and protections
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  • Hacktrace Certification Exam will be send after 7 days after course completion

Curriculum for this course
Introduction to Windows Exploitation
5 Lessons
  • Evade common antivirus detection
  • Introduction to Intel 32bit architecture and Assembly refresher
  • Introduction to fuzzing
  • File format fuzzing
  • Protocol fuzzing
  • Stack-based buffer overflow introduction
  • Writing stack-based buffer overflow exploit
  • SEH based buffer overflow introduction
  • Writing SEH-based buffer overflow exploit
  • Case study: Ezserver SEH based exploit
  • Bypassing protection on SEH based exploitation
  • ASLR introduction and bypass techniques
  • Egghunter introduction and use case study
  • Data Execution Prevention introduction
  • Return Oriented Programming to bypass DEP
  • Case study: Zahir Enterprise SEH based exploit
  • Unicode based vulnerability and exploitation
  • Case study: Cyberlink LabelPrint Unicode based exploitation
  • Network and System Penetration Testers
  • Incident Handlers
  • Threat Analysts
  • Threat Hunters
  • Vulnerability Researchers
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This course is designed for security personnel whose job is to conduct penetration tests and look for security holes. Participants will have the knowledge about advanced penetration tests, the ability to look for vulnerabilities in applications and relate them to business risks, perform initial red-team style to bypass some operating system detections and protections

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