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HackTrace's OSINT Ops

This course is the first OSINT course in Indonesia that was actually designed and prepared by people who are experienced in the field of intelligence and use OSINT to help carry out their assignment.

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Created by Hacktrace Indonesia
What will I learn?
  • Understand OSINT Methodology and Workflow
  • Understand the concept of OSINT Covert Ops
  • Understand about OSINT Tools effective operation
  • Conduct a basic OSINT investigation
  • Prepared for the next Advanced OSINT Course
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  • Instructor led, virtual streaming of your course with instructor Q&A
  • Hacktrace Certification Exam will be send after 7 days after course completion

Curriculum for this course
OSINT Introduction
6 Lessons
  • OSINT Introduction
  • OSINT Methodology
  • Covert Operation
  • Tools
  • Documentation
  • How to setup an OSINT Operation
  • Data Sources
  • Search Engine Operation
  • People & Social Media
  • Document, Images & Videos
  • Maps & Geolocation
  • Infrastructure
  • Crypto Currencies
  • TOR Concept, Privacy & Anonymity
  • Tools For Dark Web Exploration
  • Exploring The Dark Web
  • Data Sorting
  • Analysis and Timeline
  • Documentation & Report
  • Putting it all together
  • LAptop with minimum 8 gb of RAM, minimum free 30 gb of Storage, minimum i3 processor
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This course provides a basic to intermediate understanding of OSINT as an operation that produces actionable intelligence.This course also emphasizes on workflows and methodologies so that the implementation of OSINT operations can run effectively and optimally.In addition to methodology and workflows, students will also learn various effective data collection techniques for analysis.

This course is designed to encourage organizations to increase their situational awareness and help them understand the complex environments in which they operate. Our team delivers training to professional researchers and analysts to improve their OSINT processes and practices, drawing upon the insights gained from IHS deep OSINT expertise. The courses are delivered not only in the form of theory but also case studies and hands on experience of several OSint activities

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